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Ошибка P1690 в Хендай Санта Фе 2

Ошибка P1690 в Хендай Санта Фе 2

Ошибка P1690, ключ вставлен в гнездо, после нажатия на кнопку машина схватывается, но глохнет сразу. Если заводить сразу повторно, стартер работает, но двигатель не схватывает. Отключаем авто. И следом при попытке завести опять такая же последовательность: завелась и заглохла-не схватывает.

Потом может завестись и работать нормально какое-то время. Заранее спасибо.

@andrienko.1966 —> А когда работает «какое-то время», то глохнет сам мотор неожиданно или вы глушите его?

@andrienko.1966 —> Работает штатно. Могу даже поездить несколько дней без проблем. Это «какое-то время» может быть несколько дней.

Уважаемые, здравствуйте! Расскажу коротко. Вылезла ошибка, по-мимо того, что она вылезла она еще и мигает. р0300, р0301, р0305 пропуски зажигания. Поменял свечи, катушки, провода, .

Здравствуйте, у меня проблема, машина дергается на стоянке. При включении передачи-при нажатии на тормоз дергается и когда едешь, то дергается. Коробка АКПП. В чем может быть причи.

Почему выскочила эта ошибка? Какие работы необходимо провести? Можно ли эксплуатировать автомобиль.

Добрый день! Недавно началось. Срабатывает датчик chek engine и сразу контрольная лампа неисправности системы полного привода. Педаль газа не реагирует, нет тяги. После остановки д.

Как сделать что бы погас.

P1690 — Иммобилайзер, нет ответа от блока иммобилайзера.

На вашем авто есть иммобилайзер, он и блокирует работу двигателя. Проблема может быть в блоке иммобилайзера, в проводке, подробнее описано ниже. Проведите диагностику дилерским сканером, он предложит дальнейшие шаги для проверки. Блок иммобилайзера может стоять в районе рулевой колонки, отметил на схеме.

@andrienko.1966 —> Спасибо. Буду пробовать.

Всё будет хорошо!

Если у вас смарт-ключ брелок, тогда наверное пора и написать про эту систему.

SMARTRA это не иммобилайзер, это Блок управления противоугонной системой.
Модуль SMARTRA синхронизирован с ECM.
Функции иммобилайзера в данной системе выполняет ECM (электронный блок управления двигателя внутреннего сгорания). Он проверяет подлинность смарт-ключа, сравнивая код с чипа-транспондера (TRANSPONDER) с кодом в EEPROM блока.

Установлен блок (он же и антенна) в консоли салона между сидениями

Но антенна должна быть и около кнопки Старт/стоп.

Есть сайт по ошибкам Hyundai Santa Fe,
и там ошибка вашего авто расшифровывается таким образом:

P1690 Ошибка лампы диагностики

И ещё добавлю информации: может не запускаться и глохнуть при неисправности «лягушки» или плохих контактах на ней (это датчик на педали тормоза).

И приведу выдержку как можно запустить двигатель при похожих проблемах:

«Короче, если случилась такая беда, нужно один раз нажать на кнопку START/STOP (загорается подсветка приборов, не зажигание!) и, не нажимая педаль тормоза, штатным брелком-меткой нажать и держать секунд 20 кнопку START/STOP. И о ЧУДО, двигатель запускается!»

In taste and comfort, this Ford has the advantage

UPSHUR COUNTY, Texas – Two roads bifurcated and I knew very well which one I would choose, I had done it hundreds of times.

The 2021 Ford Edge ST Line too, which didn’t surprise me at all. Within a few days, he had gained confidence in this comfortable and competent machine. With five seats and promoting between $32,750 and $43,600, the Edge is a highly reputable competitor in an elegance that includes the Subaru Outback, Nissan Murano, Toyota Venza and Hyundai Santa Fe.

With longer wheelbases than compact SUVs, those cars tend to offer smoother rides but are very maneuverable. Above average materials, high degrees of popular generation and attention to craftsmanship make them ideal for small families and empty nests.

Launched in 2015 and updated in 2019, the Edge has been in production long enough for Ford to have resolved the issues. Consumer Reports provides you with height ratings for reliability and the highest critics place you at the top 3 sensible in your class.

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Sadly, he hadn’t yet mastered the intricacies of Android Auto in Sync, Ford’s expert infotainment system. Somehow, my phone’s WAZE app and the car’s Google Maps-based GPS were directing me home. It’s a bit like a duel of drivers. He used for the first time a British female voice that either soothing and seductive, the moment that of a heartbreaking American.

“Damn,” I thought. I love this first verse, especially the advent of the violin. I’ll just press the button and start over.

At the time, I knew two things: that I was going to tell this story and that it was fundamentally unfair to the well-executed car I was driving on a bright fall afternoon amidst the glittering hills and lakes of East Texas.

It wasn’t the car’s fault that I hadn’t taken the time to open the glove compartment and read the damn manual. Actually, there wasn’t much to criticize in Edge. Oh, I discovered the left footrest a little up and strangely tilted towards the driver, however, I adjusted temporarily.

I wasn’t crazy about fuel economy either, even though it’s above the class average. The EPA places the line in 21 cities/29 highways/24 combined. I was given about 21. 5 mpg in combined driving, basically because “highway” in Texas means 80 mph in the slow lane.

Is the number of deaths on the roads increasing?

In the current paradigm, 24 mpg is a smart number, however, with us, do not buy anything that is less than 30. My 14-year-old, seven-passenger, perfect Highlander Hybrid gets 31 mpg.

Right now, Blonde Bride and I are buying plug-in hybrids, which average over a hundred miles per gallon. The Ford Escape PHEV, which starts at $35,505, is in the mix.

Are fuel costs rising? Say.

I’m also involved in that when you pay the bill for a $45,000 machine, the residual values won’t be as good. Electric cars are coming faster than we think, even for the middle class, and the day will come when internal combustion machines will only be discovered en masse to buy here, to pay here.

For example, the Edge and its luxury cousin, the Lincoln Nautilus, are heading for obsolescence in 2023 and Ford says it wants its Oakville meeting plant in Canada to make as-yet-specified battery electric models.

So the Edge is one of the few models On which Ford offers incentives, up to $4,650 in cashback through Jan. 3, according to Consumer Reports. On the websites of Texas Ford dealers, we don’t see the types of numbers. .

Like my colleague David Boldt, I think the tall, crisp lines, fabrics and generation of the Edge give it a BMW X5 feel. The Edge would possibly not have the prestige of its Bavarian competitor, but its price is a third less ($59,400 for an X5). fundamental and is based on a network of corridors of nine times (348 vs. 3,004).

If appearance matters, the Edge has a lot.

“How can I buy one?” the girl shouted outside my gym. “Mine is a 2019,” he said, pointing to a black Edge a few meters away. “This one is just beautiful. “

The only difference I can see is that our plaid style had the ST-Line décor ($43,760) which includes an exclusive grille with body-colored bumpers, a snow-decreasing belt trim coating, fog lights, and LED lighting. The 20-inch glossy black aluminium wheels and exclusive badges are loaded with a decidedly Germanic look.

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David, who started racing on the road right after his weaning, discovers the functionality and handling of the base Edge to suit a circle of familiar sedans, but there’s nothing worth throwing on a race track.

For around $43,760, buyers can have the full ST, with a specially tuned 2. 7-liter dual-turbo ecoBoost® that develops 335 horsepower and 380 pound-feet of torque, octane fuel 93. Il includes a fast-shifting 7-speed automatic transmission, popular all-wheel drive with selectable traction control, Optional brake package and ST adjustable suspension and steering.

It will blow over the Beemer and probably last longer. Maintaining Edge will be less expensive.

The Edge comes with a long list of motive force assist devices and technologies.

Ford Co-Pilot360 includes automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection, blind spot data system, lane keeping system, rearview camera and automatic top-beam lighting. This is a lightweight edition of the motive power assist generation that the competition offers for free.

If you need dynamic cruise control and lane centering — that is, a vehicle that maintains a safe distance and stays in its lane — features that can reduce serious injuries by two-thirds, Ford charges an additional $895. Don’t buy a new car that doesn’t have dynamic cruise control. It would be like buying one without seat belts.

On the other hand, Ford has one of the most productive user experiences (UX). Touch lock and unlock works the first time. The rear latch that is activated with the foot works from the first shot. The 12. 3-inch SYNC demo simplifies adjustment. controls and navigation.

Unless, of course, run two navigations simultaneously.

Regardless, I made the decision to laugh at myself. After all, discretion is the most productive component of virtual warfare. I waited until I was pulled out of the intersection, slid the panoramic sunroof, lowered the windows, u. s. the volume, restarted the song, and went off the beaten path for a very productive fall day.

Комплектации и цены Hyundai Santa Fe


Автомобили Hyundai Creta представлены в пяти вариантах комплектации: Start, Active, Comfort, Travel, Rock Edition.


В автомобиле Hyundai Creta «Start» имеется базовый набор опций. Но среди них есть все необходимое, что обеспечит превосходные ходовые качества, безопасность и комфорт. В данной комплектации доступна оптимально распределяющая тормозное усилие система ABS+EBD, и способствующая стабилизации кузова система VSM.

Для удобного расположения в салоне предусмотрена регулировка сидения водителя, положения руля и высоты ремней безопасности. Контролировать ситуацию и состояние авто поможет встроенный маршрутный компьютер. Приобрести Hyundai Creta в комплектации «Start» можно по цене от 799 900 рублей.


Автолюбители выбирают Hyundai Creta «Active» за идеальный баланс между ценой комплектации и ее возможностями. Комфортную атмосферу в салоне обеспечит кондиционер, а для передних сидений установлена функция обогрева с возможностью регулировки в трех режимах. Предусмотрено наличие центрального замка.

Перевозимый груз можно надежно закрепить с помощью специальных крючков. Имеется полка для багажного отделения, а под его полом встроен органайзер. Цены за комплектацию Hyundai Creta «Active» стартуют от 1062000 рублей.


Обладатели Hyundai Creta «Comfort» – истинные ценители комфорта. Для удобного расположения пассажиры могут регулировать положение подголовников, а водитель – положение рулевой колонки. Система климат-контроля позаботится о благоприятной атмосфере, а в холодное время года автомобиль согреет своим теплом: предусмотрен подогрев сидений, рулевого колеса. Обогрев зеркал предотвратит проблемы с видимостью.

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Трогаться с места на наклонном участке дороги и безопасно спускаться помогут электронные ассистенты. Специальный датчик поможет следить за давлением в шинах. Цена комплектации Hyundai Creta «Comfort» – от 1182000 рублей.


В Hyundai Creta «Travel» есть все для незабываемых путешествий. Здесь предусмотрен климат-контроль, приятной особенностью для водителя будет подогрев рулевого колеса, декорированного кожей. В автомобиле найдется масса решений для аккуратной перевозки вещей, в том числе – органайзер под багажным отделением и рейлинги на крыше.

В электронном оснащении, помимо маршрутного компьютера, имеются задние датчики для безопасной парковки, панель приборов SUPERVISION, степень яркости экрана которой можно регулировать. Для защиты при опасных ситуациях салон оснащен боковыми подушками и современными шторками безопасности. Данную комплектацию можно приобрести по цене от 1217000 рублей.

Rock Edition

Комплектация Hyundai Creta «Rock Edition» стала особой версией популярного автомобиля. В системе освещения появляются задние светодиодные огни, добавлены повторители сигнала поворота на боковых зеркалах. Во внешнем дизайне заметны новые черты – темное глянцевое покрытие решетки радиатора, рейлингов и накладок для переднего и заднего бампера. Среди особенностей интерьера – отделка сидений искусственной кожей и коричневая передняя панель.

Для управления стеклоподъемниками, регулировки ремней безопасности, высоты рулевой колонки, положения сидений и внешних зеркал установлены электроприводы. Версия оснащается самым разнообразным набором опций, включая антипробуксовочную систему TSC, бесключевой доступ, систему помощи при старте на участках с уклоном. Приобрести машину в данной комплектации можно по цене от 1 420 000 рублей.

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In style and comfort, this Ford has the Edge

Ford edge profile

UPSHUR COUNTY, Texas – Two roads diverged, and I knew all too well which I would choose. I’d done it a hundred times.

So did the 2021 Ford Edge ST Line, which did not surprise me at all. In just a few days I had grown confident of this comfortable and competent machine. With five seats and selling in the $32,750 to $43,600 range, the Edge is a well-respected competitor in a class that includes the Subaru Outback, Nissan Murano, Toyota Venza, and Hyundai Santa Fe.

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With longer wheelbases than compact SUVs, these vehicles tend to offer more pliant rides but are highly maneuverable. Above-average materials, high levels of standard technology, and attention to craftsmanship make these perfect for smaller families and empty nesters.

Introduced in 2015 and refreshed in 2019, the Edge has been in production long enough that Ford has worked out the kinks. Consumer Reports gives it high marks for reliability and most critics put it among the top three in class.

Alas, I had yet to master the intricacies of Android Auto in Sync, Ford’s adept infotainment system. Somehow, both my phone’s WAZE app and the car’s Google Maps-based GPS, were directing my path home. It was sort of like dueling conductors. The former used a calming, yet alluring, British female voice, the latter that of a chipper American male.

2021 edge interior

As I drove home from an appointment in Longview, I found I could tolerate the redundancies, maybe slightly enjoy them. As I neared the Texas 155 cutoff from U.S. 259, however, I dialed up a favored playlist, which immediately landed on a favorite tune.
I marveled at the felicity of sound emerging from the car’s standard 6-speaker system.

“Amarillo by mornin … ’”
“In three-tenths of a mile, exit the highway on the right.”

“Darn,” I thought. “I love that first verse, especially the fiddle lead-in. I’ll just hit the button and start over.”

“Up from San Antone…”
“In a quarter-mile, turn right.”

“Arrrgh!” Start over.

“Everything that I got…”
“In 300 feet, turn right.”

“Arrgh!” Start over.

“Is just what I got on.”
“Turn right now.”

Keep an eye on fuel economy

In that instant I knew two things: That I would tell this story, and that it was fundamentally unfair to the well-executed automobile I was driving on a brilliant autumn afternoon amid the rolling hills and sparkling lakes of East Texas.

It wasn’t the car’s fault that I had not taken the time to open the glove box and read the darn manual. In truth, there was precious little to criticize in the Edge. Oh, I found the left foot rest a bit high and strangely angled toward the driver, but I soon adjusted.

Nor was I crazy about the fuel economy, though it’s slightly above average for class. The EPA puts the line at 21 city/29 highway/24 combined. I got about 21.5 mpg in combined driving, mainly because “highway” in Texas means 80 mph in the slow lane.

Highway fatalities are up? Imagine that.

In today’s paradigm, 24 mpg is a nice number, but at our house don’t buy anything that gets less than 30. My seven-passenger, mechanically perfect, 14-year-old Highlander Hybrid gets 31 mpg.

Right now, Blonde Bride and I are shopping plug-in hybrids, which average more than 100 mpg. The Ford Escape PHEV, starting at $35,505, is in the mix.

Gas prices are up? You don’t say.

I also worry that by the time one pays off the note on a $45,000 machine, residual values might not be all that great. Electric vehicles really are coming faster than most of us think, even for the middle class, and the day will come when internal-combustion machines will only be found on buy-here, pay-here lots.

For example, the Edge and its luxury cousin, the Lincoln Nautilus, are headed for obsolescence in 2023. Ford says it needs their Oakville Assembly Plant in Canada to build yet unspecified battery-electric models.

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Thus, the Edge is one of the few models on which Ford offers incentives, up to $4,650 cash back through Jan. 3, according to Consumer Reports. Glancing through Texas Ford dealer websites, we’re not seeing those kinds of numbers.

Edge a looker

Like my colleague David Boldt, I think that the Edge’s high-swept and crisp lines, rich materials, and technology, give it a BMW X5 feel. The Edge may not have the cachet of its Bavarian competitor, but it costs a third less ($59,400 for a base X5) and is supported by a dealer network that is nine times greater (348 vs 3,004).

If looks matter, the Edge apparently has plenty.

“How do I buy one of those,” squealed the lady outside my gym. “Mine is a 2019,” she said, pointing to a black Edge a few feet away. “That one is just beautiful.”

The only difference I could see was that our tester had the ST-Line décor ($43,760) that comes with a unique grille with body-colored bumpers, black beltline molding lower cladding, fog lamps and signature LED lighting. Black roof rack side rails, 20-inch gloss black aluminum wheels and unique badging add to a look that is positively Germanic.

David, who started road racing right after he was weaned, finds the base Edge’s performance and handling to be fine for a family sedan, but nothing worth tossing about on a racetrack.

For about $43,760, buyers can have the full-on ST, featuring a specially tuned 2.7-liter twin-turbocharged EcoBoost® pumping out 335 horsepower and 380 lb.-ft. of torque using 93-octane fuel. It includes a quick-shifting 7-speed automatic transmission, standard all-wheel drive with selectable traction control, an available performance brake package, and ST-tuned sport suspension and steering.

It will blow off the Beemer, and probably last longer. The Edge will certainly be cheaper to maintain.

Safety second

The Edge comes with a long list of driver-assist gear and technology.

Ford Co-Pilot360 includes standard automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection, blind spot information system, lane keeping system, rear backup camera and auto high beam lighting. That is a stripped-down version of the driver-assist tech that competitors provide for free.

If you want dynamic cruise control and lane centering, in other words a vehicle that always maintains a safe distance and stays in its lane, features than can reduce serious accidents by two-thirds, Ford charges an extra $895. At the prices they’re charging, do not buy a new car that does not have dynamic cruise control. That would be like buying one without seat belts.

On the other hand, Ford has some of the best UX (user experience) going. Handle-touch lock and unlock always work on the first try. A foot-activated rear latch works on the first swipe. The 12.3-inch SYNC screen makes it easy to adjust controls and navigate.

Unless, of course, you run two nav systems simultaneously.

I finally decided to laugh at myself. Discretion, after all, is the better part of digital warfare. I waited until I was clear of the intersection, slid back the panoramic moonroof, rolled down the windows, cranked up the volume, restarted the song, and headed off the beaten path into a perfect fall day.

“…I’ll be lookin’ for eight when they pull that gate, and I hope that judge ain’t bliiiiind…
“Amarillo by mornin’, Amarillo on mah-ay miiiiind…”

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